Friday, March 4, 2011

One Week!!!

In just one week we will be leaving for the Best of the US Alpaca Show in Columbus, Ohio.

Alpaca shows always bring on a lot of feelings, because there is so much involved.

There is the preparation ahead of time:
* decide which alpacas will go to the show
* figure out a budget for the show
* halter train all the juveniles who are going to the show
* get the alpacas ready with trim nails and top knots
* take the alpacas to the vet for the vet certificate

Then there is getting to the show and setting up. For this show we will be bringing 6 of our own alpacas, and 4 alpacas for Ashton Stone Alpacas, which means a total of 10 alpacas! Last year at this show we had 9 and that kept us extremely busy.

I think for this coming weeks blog posts I'll post about each of our alpacas that we are taking with us.

Then there is all that goes on at the show. It's a wonderful time to meet up with fellow alpaca farmers. It's fun to show off your alpacas and to see how they do in the show ring. It's a time to learn and grow as an alpaca farmer with all there is to learn and see at an alpaca show.

Last years blog post about the 2010 Best of the US Alpaca Show can be found here.

This year I hope to blog throughout the show. I will have my camera and laptop with me, so each night at the hotel I can give a quick update.

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