Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Going on vacation

Going on vacation is more complicated when you have an alpaca farm. We went away this past weekend, Saturday to Sunday. We decided not to have someone come and feed the alpacas. Instead we fed them all their grain for the day in the morning on Saturday and again on Sunday evening (unfortunately I got back even later than I intended so it was rather late). My mother-in-law did check in on Fluffy and made sure the water buckets had water. I figure we will save asking someone to feed the alpacas to when we are gone for a longer stretch of time.

My in-laws said that after we fed the alpacas on Saturday morning they started running all over the pasture. I was told that horses will do this too, if they eat a lot of grain they get extra energy and will run around like crazy. They reported that the alpacas were running around and at times fighting (Victoria and Kateri have been known to get into spitting fights).

My father-in-law said on Saturday evening the alpacas all were gathered at the end of the pasture closest to my house. They were waiting for me to show up to feed them. I wonder how long they waited!

But all was well, they did fine. Though when I finally got there later on Sunday and went into the barn, Victoria stood with her butt towards me and would not look at me, as did Snowstorm. Kateri was the one who came up to the gate to greet me. Usually she is the most shy. She also is getting more use to being separated from the other two at feeding time. I think we may have finally gotten the right amount of food to the right alpaca.

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