Friday, December 21, 2007

Our first farm visitor

We had our first farm visitor last night. The kids' babysitter, Karen, came over to take a look at our alpacas. She had never seen any and wanted to know what they were like. We took her to the barn and fed the alpacas so that they came near her. But alpacas do not like to be touched so that part is more difficult. At the farms we've visited they would catch an alpaca and hold them so we could feel the fiber. But J was at work and I have never even tried to "catch" one yet so I didn't do that for Karen. I'm not eager to try to wrestle an 150+ pound animal that does not want to be touched. I did have some items I knit out of alpaca yarn for her to feel and I had some loose alpaca fiber (some of the 2nds from our animals sheering last spring). I can talk about alpaca facts and about how they behave. So while we did not catch one for her to feel first hand we did have a lot of other things to discuss. Victoria was being a stinker and kept eating all the food, so I had to bring Kateri out into the pasture for her feeding (which is how we usually do it but I was trying to hand feed them instead). Then Victoria kept trying to get Snowstorms food, so after Kateri was done eating I put Snowstorm in the pasture and fed him there. You could see Victoria's personality very well!

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