Thursday, December 27, 2007

More alpacas?

Yes, we've found more alpacas. J came across a really good deal that we've decided to go ahead with. We went to Autumn Alpacas, LLC this morning to meet Shirley and John from KaSar Alpacas (they board these alpacas at Autumn Alpacas, LLC). Shirley and John have decided to specialize in Suri Alpacas so they are selling off their Huacaya.

To back track a bit in case I lost some of you, there are two types of Alpacas. The Suri have a bit longer hair that is in ringlets. The other type of alpaca, Huacaya, have more fluffy fiber. Most farms pick one to focus on, though some farms do have both types. We choose to work with Huacaya, which is the more popular of the two types. There isn't a great reason why we picked Huacaya other than we prefer how they look. For an example of a Suri Alpaca, put "Suri Alpaca" into google and you can find links to some pictures.

The deal we got includes four alpacas (considering was have 3 right now this more than doubles our herd!).

Pictures and information on the four can be found at the farm website. I'll post some here too but more info can be found at:

We are getting a 2 year old male, Sir Remington. He has potential to be a herdshire. We are looking to start breeding with him this spring. He can be found at
and he looks like

Sancha is a full Peruvian female. While she is a bit older (almost 10 years old) she is full Peruvian which we have mostly Chilean (I'll explain in another post the difference). Peruvian alpaca are more popular in our area of the country so it makes sense to have at least one full peruvian. The farm page: and a picture: opps having trouble with that picture

Sancha's daughter, Sommerfield, is also part of the package deal. She was born on April 8th so is not quite a year old. We have some pictures of her but I can't find any on-line right now. The write up by KaSar Farm can be found at

And my favorite, Midnight Masquerade (“Maddie”)

I know we have a lot more pictures of Maddie that I'll post later. She is only 3 months old so we cannot bring her to our farm until she is weaned which should be in March. I can't wait to have her. She is such a cutie!! She is a 1/2 sister to Remington (they have the same mother). They both have the multiple colors on their face.

Now we have to think about where these alpacas will go. Remington is not gelded so he will need to be kept separate from the girls. And we have potential to show Remington, Sommerfield and Maddie. Many decisions ahead!

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