Monday, December 24, 2007

goofy cat

On Sunday morning after I scooped poop, I wheeled it out to the woods where we keep a pile. It was slushy out and a bit icey (as temps were falling to freezing). I was concerned I might fall and land in the wheelbarrow full of poop (yuck!). And it's difficult to wheel it into the woods as it is not plowed or shoveled so I push it through snow. I was relieved to dump the poop and be on my walk back to the barn. On my walk back I noticed Fluffy had followed me and was trying to climb up a tree. I grabbed her and put her on my shoulders (which is a place she loves to be). It must have been the wind because she decided she did NOT want to be there. She jumped off, slid on some ice, and ran to the barn! Emma and my mother-in-law saw the entire episode from the living room window.

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