Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Visiting South Haven Alpacas

On our way to Chicago this past weekend we stopped in South Haven, the home of South Haven Alpacas where our 3 alpacas came from. We got to see Kateri's baby, Princess, and we saw Contessa who is Victoria's baby (they were both born in June). Both girls look awesome. They have dense fleece, lots of crimp. I'm excited to see how they do in shows this spring. Linda said that she has 7 that were born this past year that she will be showing in the spring. We saw her other babies and they look really awesome. J offered that we could help her in showing as there will be so many she can't be everywhere at once. She seemed excited we would do that. I'm looking forward to show time! It's not until early April though. Thankfully it's in Indiana so not a bad trip at all.

We also got to see Victoria's and Snowstorm's mom. I still chuckle about it because I think Snowstorm looks so much like her. They have the same fun smile. Snowstorm is my buddy, we roll our eyes at Fluffy and stand back when Kateri and Victoria get into their spitting matches. He's a great guardian of the girls, so we are glad we got him along with the 2 girls. We also saw Kateri's mom but I didn't see much family resemblence. For that matter, I don't think Victoria looks like Snowstorm or their mom, Hana. You never know what traits will be carried down.

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