Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

We've had several Christmas parties prior to Christmas Day so things are a bit more calm around here today. On Christmas Eve day we were surprised by the delivery of a wonderful chocolate strawberry cheesecake! Thanks so much Ken and Linda from South Haven Alpacas! It is very yummy.

For the holiday I took carrots down to the alpacas. I've read that alpacas are similar to goats and horses and like carrots and apples and the like. I first held one out for Victoria and she ate it right out of my hand. Snowstorm stepped back and did not want one. I then held one out for Kateri who licked it, but did not take it. If I held it pointing at her she would grab it and eat it. Both girls wanted more. Snowstorm would not come near me. J took one for snowstorm and actually started chasing him with it to the point Snowstorm went to kick J! No carrots for him. Though in retrospect not worth all that given Snowstorm never did eat any.

The best laugh of the day in reguards to animals came from Dottie. She likes to balance herself on the top of our couch and was taking a nap. I could tell she was dreaming as her feet were running, then her tail wagging, then more running. I stopped paying attention to her until I heard her fall off the back of the couch! Poor dog. I felt bad, what a way to wake up, but it was so funny. She gave me a very mean look for laughing at her.

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