Friday, December 28, 2007

Visiting Kids

My neice, Carlie, had her birthday party yesterday. All the kids came up to the fence and were looking at the alpacas so J and I went out there to let them into the barn. I brought out carrots for the kids to feed them. Snowstorm would have nothing to do with the carrots and Kateri was not willing to take any from the kids but Victoria was all over them! J went to catch one of the alpacas for everyone to touch but opted not to because they were pretty excited from having all the kids in the pen.

I have been working on making a knit alpaca finger puppet. My plan is to hand those out to any kids that visit our farm. I have made 2 that turned out pretty cute (picture pending my getting a digital camera - waiting on Kodak for my 25% discount). I do not have a pattern, I just knit them until they look how I want. The 2 I made a little different but I think that's what makes them more charming. No 2 alpacas are alike either. I plan to knit them out of our own alpaca yarn but for now it's alpaca yarn that I bought.

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