Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Chute

I don't know if I have posted a picture of the chute J made to do herd health care. I think it was made during the time I did not have a camera that worked. Here is the dreaded chute:

It looks tall and slim but all the alpacas fit in it fine. Even Sancha who is close to 200 pounds (with a pregnant belly). When not in use for the alpacas, we put the cat dish in there.

It has been helpful in holding the alpaca still during vet checks. And some of the alpacas do well in it for toenail trimming. Victoria and Maddie are fine in it, and really so is Sancha. Sancha hates being haltered but usually will go in the chute ok. Now Kateri and Snowstorm, they HATE the chute. We've gone to trimming Snowstorm's nails in the field instead.

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