Saturday, March 1, 2008

Moving barns

Our plan is to move Snowstorm, Maddie and Sommerfield to the smaller barn. This will give Sancha a bit of a break as the two little girls follow her around everywhere. Sancha is due April 20th, but could deliver a month early (or later). We want her to have a peaceful and ease as possbile. Sommerfield is very attached and could benefit from some independence.

We started a trial run at feed time last night. We got the two girls and Snowstorm into the other barn to eat. Snowstorm did not want to leave Victoria. And Victoria appeared upset as she was pacing in her barn. Sommerfield ran to eat, but after her meal was done she tried to get through the gate to go back by her mom. Since it was late at night and already dark we openned the gates between the two pastures/barn and let the alpacas choose where to go. This morning we plan to separate them and see how they do for the day. I have not decided if I will keep them separate or allow them to sleep together again tonight for a more gradual transition.

I will be gone all week out of town. J will have to take over the daily feeding. At least with the pregnant girls in one barn he will just need to feed them in the morning, and everyone in the evening. We did discover that Victoria has again put on too much weight so we need to cut back her food. Sancha needs extra as she is in the last months of pregnancy.

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