Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring and the pregnant girls

Sancha is due in April, but her belly seems plenty big already. I've gone to watching her baby move everyday after she eats her grain. We wonder if she may deliver soon (before due date). She seems to be showing some signs (teats are bigger and her private area is pink, which is said to be a sign of delivery soon). J put tape on her tail so that it's out of the way during birth and will keep it that way until she's bred again (usually about 2 weeks after birth they are ready to breed again).

The snow seems to be melting in a line across the pasture, starting on the north side and moving to the south. It must have to do with how much shade each area gets. The alpacas, especially the pregnant girls like to walk along the line of the snow and eat the grass as it emmerges from the freshly melted snow.

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