Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kateri: mom to a champion!

Kateri's first cria, Princess, won Spring Bling Color Champion!

Princess (I can see some resemblence to Kateri) more pictures can be found on her web page at South Haven Alpacas:

Princess is a bay black which is very hard to get a good picture of (the dark fiber animals do not show their features well in pictures, unfortunately).

Princess remains at South Haven Alpacas (link to South Haven Alpacas on the left column of the blog, she is listed as "for sale" on that web site, click on her name and you will get to her page with more pictures and a description of her).

Kateri, who we call "Kateri Berry", is the proud mom

Kateri tends to be shy but I was able to get some close up pictures of her

Now I really cannot wait to see her cria for this year! She's not due until July so we have quite awhile to wait. In the mean time, Sancha is due with her baby April 20th, so could be born anytime now. Every morning I look at her and ask how the baby is, but no sign of anything yet. Maybe she will hold off until my birthday.

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