Saturday, March 1, 2008

Vet visit

We had the vet out to our farm yesterday. This was a meet & greet along with some exams. We needed blood drawn on Maddie for her ARI registration. We also were interested in having the 3 bred girls tested to make sure they are still pregnant. Alpacas can absorb the fetus, even when they are further along. Stress is usually the cause. Since they all came to us bred, there was stress in transport and in coming to a new farm. We *think* we can see Sancha's baby in there, and I was pretty sure I could see a baby bump on Kateri, but Victoria did not look the same. I was chalking it up to her carrying different. She must be carrying a boy and the other two have girls (or so I was theorizing).

The vet did an ultra sound on all three bred girls. Kateri was first and a pregnant uterus was found along with some baby parts. All seems well. Sancha was next. Since Sancha is due in about 7 weeks it was harder to find (due to how the alpacas carry the baby) but a baby was spotted moving around and kicking :) Victoria was last and her's was very hard to find. The vet wondered if Victoria might be further along than what he thought. We did not think that could be possible as she was transported to Hibben Hollow and bred to Goldsmith shortly after arriving there. She would not have laid for Goldsmith if she was already pregnant. The vet was able to find a spine that had to be from the baby. Still a mystery why it was located in a bit different spot.

We discussed with the vet a vaccine schedule and she took a fecal sample.

After the vet left J looked over Victoria's file and it turns out she had the same thing happen the last time she was pregnant. She must really carry differently than average. Since her first cria, Contessa, was born healthy and through a regular birth we are less concerned about the odd ultra sound on her. Though we will keep a bit of an eye on her in case she delivers before due date.

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