Monday, March 24, 2008

Cria watch

We are officially on watch for Sancha's cria (baby). She's due April 20th, but it's close enough she could deliver any time now. I've been excited about the birth coming soon and ask her everyday how the baby is. But when I saw it snow on Friday, I got the feeling that this cria is going to wait for warmer weather. I have heard that spring cria are often born later rather than earlier, and fall cria are more likely born earlier rather than later. The theory is that they are born for the warmer weather. But who knows. Just because most spring ones are born later doesn't mean Sancha definately will be one of those. So I will still be studying her everyday.

Last night after we fed them their grain my neice and I watched Sancha's baby move all over in her belly. It looked like a wave going across her belly. We found if we looked at her left side we could see the movement better.

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