Sunday, March 2, 2008


Maybe I shouldn't have favorites but I just can't help myself. Kateri and I first bonded when she arrived and she was the shy one in the back. Victoria and Snowstorm always got things first and got the attention so I made a point to seek out Kateri. She also hummed a lot when she first arrived. Likely out of aggitation. I think she missed her baby, Princess (who remained at South Haven Alpacas). I also love Kateri's hair, it's wild.

Maddie captured my heart the first time I saw her picture. I love the white and black coloring on her face. Right now she's the youngest on our farm, and the most friendly.

Sommerfield is a sweetie too but not quite a friendly as Maddie. She has incredible fiber! It is long and thick and has crimp. I can't wait to have some made into yarn.

Here are the two young girls:

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