Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm back

I spent the last two weeks out of town at a training for my "other" job (I work part time out of the house). It was a good training, but I did miss my babies (both the human ones and the furry ones ;) ).

I did come home on the weekend to help J with a herd health day. Sancha needed a shot since she is due very soon. And they all needed toe nails trimmed. Sancha spit at J when he tried to get her in the halter, but after that she was fine. Kateri not only spit when we haltered her, but spit constantly when we were trying to get her into the chute. I got two good face-fulls of spit - NASTY! The smell alone is bad enough. My eyes were irratated for a few days (I have heard of getting an eye infection from the spit). We ended up not even cutting her nails in the end, gave up. I guess she was having a very hormal day. The young girls did fine. Though I do need to work on halter training them. Snowstorm gave us some resistance, but his nails were so bad we had to trim them. We ended up trimming them in the field and not even bothering with the chute since we couldnt' get him in it.

Sancha's baby is due April 20th. J wrapped her tail with tape to help keep the fur out of the way and to help us see progress without having to touch and move her tail. She did not like that tape at first but now does not seem bothered by it.

Everyone seems to have adjusted fine to the changing around of barns. J put a barrel of hay right by the gate separating the two pastures. They often lay by that hay barrel as if they are hanging out together.

We still have solid snow cover on the pastures. I know they are looking for grass, but none to be found quite yet. We have a lot of mud by the barns. Hopefully spring with come soon, this slow thaw has been messy.

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