Thursday, April 8, 2010

The 2010 AOBA National Show and Auction

We are working out details to attend Nationals this year!

We have never gone to a show this big (estimate of 2500 halter animals will be there and another 2000 fleece entries). This is a level V show (most of the alpaca shows we attend are level IV, for reference, the Best of the US that we attended in early March had 663 alpacas entered, The Great Midwest Alpaca Festival that we are going to in late April estimates 550 halter animals and 50 fleece entries). Nationals is huge, and animals come from all over the country.

The National show changes venue each year. This year it is being held in Fort Wayne, Indiana (the same place we were just at this past weekend). This is likely as close as it will ever be for us. We are planning to only take 2 of our own animals. While exciting to show off our best girls, we are also going for a chance to get our hands on other animals and to see this amazing alpaca show.

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