Monday, April 26, 2010

Tehya made us proud

Tehya showed in a class called "Huacaya Light Female - Yearling" which means there was a mix of light fawn and beige. Tehya is light fawn. The darker color has the disadvantage of having a hard time being as fine as the lighter color (this dates back to the fact Peru improved the most on the white fiber because that is what the textiles wanted, so white fiber is finer and superior. Each time you go to a darker shade, it is less improved upon). We were worried how this might affect her placing. I am proud to say that Tehya took 2nd in a class of 10! The one who received first place was beige, so Tehya was the 1st of the light fawn. And the 1st place winner received color champion! People in the audience thought the judge might give color reserve to Tehya, but then didn't. It's rare for the 2nd place to get color reserve, so that would have been a very huge honor. But understandable when she didn't, it was an honor to be close to getting it. We are very proud of her placing where she did. Tehya has had an impressive show career. Just one more show and she will begin her breeding career.

Here are all her ribbons:

Adding that the one who beat Tehya, receiving 1st place, is a beige alpaca named I am Electra. This alpaca has won four 1st place ribbons, and 3 color champions! She is not for sale by her farm, Dougherty Creek, but will be a foundation animal for them (as noted on their web site). I felt her fiber and took a good look at it. She is incredible, no doubt about that.

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