Monday, April 12, 2010

Royal Fawn?

When we were at a show last weekend, we had someone ask if Tehya's sire is Royal Fawn. We were caught a bit off guard with this question and said that no, she is out of Goldsmith. But, Royal Fawn is further back on her dam's side. We had always assumed she looked like Goldsmith, never having compared her to Royal Fawn.

We decided to pull up a picture of Royal Fawn to see. I do think she has some resemblance, especially her top knot. Though, Royal Fawn clearly has a thicker neck than Tehya. The fading fawn color is similar too. But then looking at Goldsmith, it's hard to know who she does look most like.

This is Royal Fawn:

Here is Tehya:

I actually had a hard time finding a good picture of Goldsmith. I could only find a head shot:

This led me to thinking there are similarities between Royal Fawn and Goldsmith. Now that's something to ponder.

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watalulu said...

They are all so very pretty.

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