Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's a woman thing

Isn't that how the saying goes, it's a woman prerogative to change her mind?

Our alpaca ladies have done just that. Now that the warmer weather has hit, they have decided that they love their shelter. These ladies who all winter hardly ever went inside, now won't leave the shelter. I'm sure it has something to do with the fans in there :)

I noticed this before we moved the maidens to the new area. These pictures were taken last week.

I don't know if it's a true hierarchy, but it seems that the older girls get the back spaces, right by the fans (Sancha and Victoria). The young weanlings are just inside the doorway (Po and Rosco). And the yearlings/maidens, Tehya and Maddie, they seem to be in the middle. Kateri is the only one out of order, but she's so doting, she would want to be in the front to keep her eyes on things. It's amazing how all these girls fit inside this shelter; there is plenty of room. Many of them did stand up when I arrived with the camera, but that is all they did. I've seen them all cush inside there with room to spare.

(seems I had some hay dust on my camera lens)


watalulu said...

Enjoy the pictures.
Love following your blog.
"Our" trip to WI was lovely. lol

Have a wonderful day.

cara said...

Thanks for following our journey with us! I love writing the blog. As show season comes to an end, we'll have shearing and then babies - my favorite to take pictures of.

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