Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sommerfield's Cria

We don't own Sommerfield anymore, but we are always curious to hear how any alpaca we have had on our farm is doing. Also, she was bred to our male, Apollo's Griffon. This is his first cria on the ground. He has also been bred to Sancha, who is due in late May. How good his cria are will determine if he is continued to be used as a herd sire.

We are excited to say that Sommerfield's cria, Peace Lilly, appears to be an incredible alpaca! This is what Vintage Alpacas says about her:

Peace Lilly is a novelty on my farm, with her light fawn color being very rare around this farm of grey and blacks! She sticks out like a sore thumb as does her dam, Sommerfield. Peace Lilly has a darker fawn line from her head down her spine to her tail, fading down the side to a very light fawn to beige. Friends of mine often send pictures of their tightly crimped little white crias with their eite fiber characteristics.. well , check this one out.. she fits right into this mold! Very dense.. it took 2 days for her dry! Long stockly legs, straight topline and proud attitude. Black eyeliner makes the eyes standout (right ladies??) .. her movement is so fluid and balanced. This is a very nice cria. Eye candy to anyone who sees her. Her topknot looks like a thick winter hat at just 2 weeks old! I have her listed on my special at this time, and I will board her for free until weaned. Price increases as she ages.

There are plenty of cria pictures of Peace Lilly (some including Sommerfield) on Vintage Alpacas website. (click on Peace Lilly for a direct route to her page with pictures). I'll try to post some here but this doesn't always work.

Now I am very excited to see what Sancha and Apollo's Griffon produce!

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