Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Boys will be... boys

This weekend I caught Cav trying to mount Cafe! Cafe had been rolling on the ground getting a dust bath. As she stopped, Cav jumped on her back, in position to breed. I had my camera on me, but didn't snap a shot, I was so focused on getting him off of her. She spit at him and he stopped before anything actually happened. Here they are after I caught them:

Cafe sort of looks like a guilty teen, but Cav is a proud stud. He's been the only boy back by the girls too long. He thinks he's so manly.

I've heard boys as young as 7 months being confirmed as getting a girl pregnant. Though I do think that is rare, it is possible. Cav is pushing 8 months old, so we definately need to get him out of the girls area. The only girls we have that are open and old enough to get pregnant are Cafe and Tehya. Though Cafe is likely still too young yet. I'm a bit worried that if I caught this, what might he have done that I didn't catch.

This all happened on Sunday morning. By Sunday evening, we had the boy weanlings in their new boy weanling barn. We have already taken too much of a chance having Cav with the girls as long as we have. (Our other weanling boy is Golden, while he's the same age as Cav, he acts younger, Cav was clearly the top male in the herd).


Noah and Jillian Schwander said...

Ha Ha! I love Cav's face in this picture! It looks more like he is mad and glaring at you for stopping his fun!

cara said...

yep, he was giving me his "I'm the stud here" look. He certainly thinks he's king of the pasture.

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