Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring's new projects

J has been very busy adding on new things at our farm. Many projects he works on during the week when I'm at work and the kids are at school. We come home to new things all the time :) This week was his weekend at work, so he was home during the week, giving him time to finish up some projects.

We decided to add on a girl's shelter so that we can separate our pregnant/birthing ladies from our maidens. This will help with feeding, since we feed our pregnant/nursing girls more grain. And it will give the birthing moms some space with birthing and their newborn. Another benefit of this is that when it comes time to wean our cria this coming year, we can just put the weanlings in the maiden area and they will be separated from their moms (this past year we had them stay at another farm for a couple weeks to wean, which worked great, but it's an added benefit not to have to move them off the farm).

J completed the new maiden girl's shelter.
Front (we still need to finish picking up the trash):


In those pictures you can also see some of the fences that he moved around. We need to get more fencing to complete their pasture, but we also have some trees to deal with. That is still a project in process.

He also had some dolomite delivered to fill in around the gates and the new hay shelter:

J also fixed up the weanling boy's barn. We had stored hay in there for the last year. But with Cav and Golden needing to move out of the girl's area, and our stud boys being too aggressive, we need that barn for weanling boys again. I'll have pictures of this when we move the boys there.


Noah and Jillian Schwander said...

The new shelter looks great!

cara said...

Thanks. We'll see how this design works. I think it should be great, but you never know how these creatures will react.

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