Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Moving the weanling boys

Sunday evening we moved Cavalier and Golden up to the boy's weanling barn. We weighed them before we left the girls' area (the scale is there). Golden was around 75 pounds and Cavalier almost 70 pounds.

On halters, we walked them up our drive to the boys' area. In the distance is Emma walking Cavalier.

At the boys barn, they ran in and met the older boys by the fence. Everyone was sniffing everyone, the weanling boys showing they are submissive by their tails going up.

We let Lightning in with the weanlings. We found he is getting beat up by the older boys. I am a bit worried he is going to pick on the weanlings (he will be 2 years old in a few weeks). If he is too rough, we can switch him with Snowstorm. Snowstorm is our gelding. He has been in with weanlings before and done very well. He's a great uncle.

Lightning did sniff them to see if they are female. He chased them some. In some ways this is a good sign, he's ready to breed. Just as long as he figures out very soon that these two are boys.

Here is Golden and Cavalier in their new paddock at their new home:

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