Sunday, April 28, 2013

Blue Ribbons

Gabriel our own star won 1st place in his class of 2 year old plus black huacaya males:

There were four males in his class and it was a tough class!  Some of the males he went against are quite famous and highly marketed, yet our sweet Gabe beat them :)

Take Five (AKA: Candy) also won first in her class of suri fawn female, however, she was the only one.   There were not a lot of suris at the show and so she had no competition.  In these situations the judge does not have to give the alpaca a 1st, if they find a fault they can give them a second place even though there was no 1st.  The judge not only gave her first, but had a lot of incredible things to say about her.  We are quite excited!

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