Thursday, April 18, 2013

The rain and signs from alpacas

Zack told me a few days ago that he has noticed we only lose our electricity when ALL the alpacas hide in their shelters.  He believes they know when a storm is really bad and we can use their instincts as a guide.

We have had days and days of rain.  Some light rain, some heavy rain, and some storms with lightning, thunder and hail.  We already had double the rainfall we usually get for the month, then today we have been predicted to get a months worth in a 24 hour span!

Our farm is in the woods, and we have very sandy soil.   We are also up on hill.  All of this means that under normal circumstances, we have excellent drainage.  Sure we have a few low spots but they are few and far between.

Well, even our farm is soaking wet.  We have mushy areas where we never have before.  We have standing water like never before.

All throughout the day I have been watching the alpacas for signs.  Just as one really heavy downfall was slowing up, I took these pictures.

First the sheep (with blue tarp) and pregnant alpaca areas (just behind the play structure) -  note that you can't see any of them, they are all in their shelters:

The water around the play structure is not normal.  That is all standing water.  Zack might enjoy playing out there as a play & swim but typically there is no water there.

I was happy to see in the young girl's area two alpacas holding out, giving me hope that this storm isn't so bad after all:

That is Gigi and Lady Bing, my two hold outs, cushed by the fence giving me hope that the storm isn't so bad after all.  The rest of the little ones are inside their shelter (you can sort of see them in the shelter on the far left).

We have lots of standing water! I am so glad I cleaned up what I could before this storm hit yesterday.  Otherwise it would be a real gross mess.  Thankfully the wind hasn't been as bad as they predicted but it has blown some things around.  They say the wind will get worse and hail is possible.

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