Saturday, April 6, 2013

Working with Spring

The great thing about having a farm is having a lot of home grown fertilizer - the real kind, not the chemical purchased kind.

When I went out to do farm chores this morning, I was excited to see that things were not frozen.  Overnight temps were warm enough that nothing froze over.  This meant I could do some poop scooping even in the morning hours.  I had heard that the next 10 days are supposed to be wet and rainy.   When I put these two thoughts together I realized it was the perfect time to do a good deep down spring cleaning of the paddocks and pasture area, and put that on my garden beds.  In years past I haven't been so organized. I would haul the poop to the compost area, thinking another day I will put it on my garden.  Well, that other day never seems to come.  So this year I wheeled it right into my gardens (and the nice thing about alpaca beans is that you can do this, they will not burn plants).  I raked away a few leaves so that I can pour natures fertilizer right where it needs to be:

That is a bed of day lilies, though they are still underground.

The mix of old hay in there is perfect for my garden.  That will help hold in the moisture, and the fertilizer will be setting in even better once we get that predicted rain.

I think I am most excited that I was organized enough to time this all right! I almost never manage to do that.

After hauling 6 wheel barrows full of natures fertilizer, I still had some garden to cover.

My favorite part of spring ~ crocuses blooming:

They are only just showing color and not yet blooming, but they will soon!  I might wait until after my crocuses bloom before I give them a good cover of fertilizer.

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