Friday, April 5, 2013

Rushing Spring

Spring is my absolute favorite season!  I love the bright sunshine, the warming temps, the fresh spring air. I love everything about spring.

This spring has been slow in coming.  We still have snow in some shady places on our farm, and it's April!

Today while doing farm chores I was eager to get out the hose to fill the water buckets.  It is so much easier than hauling buckets up the hill.  So I set out to hook up the hose, except there was a patch of old crusty snow covering just one section of the hose.  Not willing to let that deter me, I suggested to Zack that he pull the hose out.  When that didn't work I got out a pitch fork and was set to hack it out.  I was going to use that hose.


I was able to use the hose, but I also hacked a nice tear onto the side of it :(

I just couldn't wait for nature to melt the ice and snow, I just had to rush spring.

Still, there was enough water flowing through  the hose that I could fill water buckets.  The alpacas are so funny, they were excited to see the hose flowing fresh water too:

It's the same exact water I've been hauling to them in buckets but I guess coming out of the hose was a treat for them too.

I love seeing cute little Ruby's face in this picture:

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