Saturday, April 27, 2013

Our Show Alpacas

This weekend we brought 7 alpacas with us to GMAF:
+  2 boys
+  2 huacaya girls
+  and 3 suri girls

I took these pictures when we arrived on Friday before we were all set up (so our signs and such aren't up yet like they are during the actual show).

Our two boys, Gabe and Gabe:

We didn't name either of these boys, we just ended up with 2 Gabes.  One is Gabriel Star of RobAsia (the black one) the other is TCS Gabriel (the beige one).   They are both older boys and breeding age so they are quick to check out all the ladies at the show.

Our two huacaya girls are Lady Bing (medium fawn) and Duchess (dark brown):

The suri girls did not want to cooperate with pictures.  First I just had Maxine and Candy (Take Five) with Patty off drinking water:

This one you can sort of see Patty's face, but they still aren't really showing off their stuff here either:

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