Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Show Book

When we arrive at the show venue the first day of the actual show (usually Saturday morning), we are eager to get a hold of a copy of the show booklet.  This is where we see that our alpacas are in the correct class (huacaya or suri, then by sex, age and color) and who we are up against.

We take our show book and highlight our animals, and flag them so we can easily find them.

This become our guide for the next two days as we follow each class and make sure our alpacas are ready to go when their class comes up.

That all seems easy enough but with multiple alpacas at a show, it can be very hard to keep track.  I usually am a bit stressed and have actually missed a class before.  It's a horrible thing.  There have been other times when J is in one ring, I am in another and we have an alpaca that should be ready to go.  We do our best and most of the time things fall into place just fine, but it does take some organizing and some forethought.  It certainly does make it harder to have more alpacas at a show, and especially if they are all similar colors and in classes right after each other.  

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