Saturday, April 20, 2013

Leaving for Ohio

J does a really good job of coordinating transport so any necessary trips are made at the same time.  We have some alpacas headed to Pennsylvania and some to Ohio, so this morning we packed them all up and he headed out.

I didn't have time to get pictures of them with all the other stuff we needed to get ready this morning, but I do have pictures on file of them.



In my mind Maddie is still the little cria who came to our farm (in January of 2008):

and Maddie's 2012 cria, Night:

Night always seems to be covered in snow in all of my pictures of him:

here is one of him without snow, the day he was born (August 2012):

Night might look a lot like his mom, but his fiber is even better!  He rivals his sister, our own Twilight who I often brag about on this blog.

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