Monday, March 5, 2012

The 2010 Yearling Gang

The rest of our show string ~ The 2010 Yearlings

OHVNA Chaska (a beige male)

OHVNA The Challenger (a dark rose grey male)

Gabriel Star of RobAsia (a true black male)

Enlightenment's Rocky Rose (a light rose grey female)
(Rose always acts goofy when the camera comes out so I can't get a good picture of her. In person, she's the most friendly and will let people pet her neck. She is way in the back right next to her mom. Silly girl.)

Smokey's Twilight (a dark silver grey female)

These experienced 2010 yearlings are all champs in the ring, so other than a few haltering sessions to remind them, we haven't had to spend that much time haltering them.

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