Wednesday, March 7, 2012

2012 Alpaca Show Changes

I've known about this for awhile but have yet to mention it on my blog. There are a few changes to the show rules from previous years.

Be informed about changes for 2012, including:

•Grey color group now shows first in halter classes!
•New fleece classes, such as Get of Sire and Produce of Dam classes, and Cottage Fleece competition
•If there are at least four mature (over 36 months of age) alpacas in a color group for the two year old and older halter class, a separate mature class must be held in that color group.
•The minimum number of Color Championships in order for a show to award Suri Judge’s Choice in halter for a gender has been decreased from six to five.

The one that will affect us the most is the fact that the grey color group is going first. For our farm where we have 4 of our 9 show string alpacas showing in grey, this is huge!! Typically the Greys showed near the end (with only indefinites and multies going after).

I have to say I LOVE this change. This means first thing on Saturday morning, the start of the halter show, we will show our 4 grey alpacas:

Our Peruvian Dark Thunder ~ a juvi dark rose grey male
OHVNA The Challenger ~ a yearling dark rose grey male
Smokey's Twilight ~ a yearling dark silver grey female
Enlightenment's Rocky Rose ~ a yearling light rose grey female

We will get the bulk of our showing done already on Saturday morning (instead of previous years when the grey showed later on Sunday afternoon). I much prefer to show early and be done, than to sit and wait in anxiety.

After grey will be the black color group, where we will show:
Gabriel Star of RobAsia ~ a yearling true black male

We'll have a lull for much of the brown group, with fawn following:
ATA Peruvian Lady Bing ~ a juvi female (showing in either light brown or dark fawn)
JLF Leonardo's Dutch Harbor ~ a juvi female (either medium or dark fawn)
* both of these girls could color check either way, will depend greatly on the lighting in the facility

Then we should have 2 in beige:
OHVNA Chaska ~ a yearling beige male
and ATA Peruvian Shamballa ~ a juvi beige male

None of our current show string is white or indefinite/multi. Which means we can relax and enjoy the end of the show. Last year with grey showing after white, we were more than stressed come that time in the show.

We'll start with a bang and then taper off, but with 9 alpacas to show, it won't ever be dull or boring.

We are so excited for show season to begin!!

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