Saturday, March 3, 2012

Couldn't Wait

yeah, I started on that Blue N Tucker hat. I couldn't wait.

I know my whole plan was to spin up a bunch of yarn so that I can knit on the way to and from shows. So I should be spinning away (as our first show is just a week away). However, I had a few thoughts:

+ most likely we will be driving home in the dark much of the way. I can knit in the dark, but not every part of a pattern is good for that, and given the dark part will definitely be at the end of the drive when I would be sewing the hat together.... that won't work. So the time frame of knitting one on the way there and one on the way back may not quite work out

+ I've had a difficult time lately with being very tired. I know I have to take care of myself and given how busy show weekends can be, I might need to actually sit and be still on the ride, not knit. While sometimes knitting is relaxing, if I am stressed about knitting it's not. Since being too tired can set off a flare up for me, I have to make sure I am taking care of myself. This point is actually my biggest concern. I need to know I can sit and relax and not knit and that be ok (if that's what I need to do)

+ most of the time I can knit in the car just fine, but there are times I get a bit car sick when I do it. Given my recent state of exhaustion, the chance of car sickness is higher. I may have to put the knitting down in order to not get sick

+ after thinking about those variables, there are quite a few reasons why my plan might not pan out. I'd hate to save yarn and put off the fun of knitting only for it not to pan out.

+ I am really super eager to get started on this hat :) I designed the pattern and I'm eager to see how it will turn out.

here are my directions:

and my bag o' yarn:

The the plan I came up with is that if I am home and have fiber time, I need to spin yarn. That plan is still on. But there have to be other times when I could sneak in some knitting, right? Then it hit me, when I pick the kids up from school I often have to sit and wait a bit for them to come to the car - the perfect down time for knitting!

I started knitting on Monday's pick-up, and knit one ear flap. Tuesday I had to work late so I didn't pick up the kids. Wednesday I knit the other ear flap. Thursday I cast on the hat, attaching the ear flaps, and I knit four rows. Friday I knit another four rows. At this rate, I'll have this hat almost done before we even leave for the show next weekend. I'll have it done, even sewn together, by the time we hit the Michigan/Ohio border :)

I'll be sure to bring supplies to make two other hats. That way if I finish this one, and another one, I can start on a third one. But at the same time, if I don't make it that far, I should at the very least finish this Blue N Tucker hat.

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