Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This past weekend J put up some new fences.

One was at my request. Whenever we have to herd the alpacas into the paddock to do anything with them (herd health or halter them for training or taking them somewhere) we have a difficult time herding them due to the layout of our current pasture area. I asked that he block off one side so that we can herd them in a funnel fashion towards the paddock. He put in a gate that we will leave open during the usual day so they still have access to all the area, except we can close that gate when we need to herd them into the paddock.

Then he started splitting up the current pasture area so that we can make it into two areas. Right now we have all our girls in one area. This means maidens (juvis and yearlings) are in with the pregnant gals. As we are approaching cria season, with 8 cria on their way, we can see how this might be a bit of a big herd area. We want to separate out the pregnant girls from the maidens. Here is the start of that area:

Some of the new area will be from the back of the pasture area, but we will add in new area too. This way both areas will have plenty of room. While we don't have grass pasture and we don't need the area for grazing (we feed hay year around), we also don't want the alpacas in too close of quarters. Our main concern is that parasites would be more of a problem in a small area. But we also know what many of the alpacas like to walk and run around, especially the younger ones, and they need a space to do that.

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