Thursday, March 1, 2012

February 4th Skein

While I am posting this now, I actually completed this skein, plying and washing it on Monday evening. I've been a bit behind in blogging, everything is a few days behind.

This is a skein of white fiber for our boy, ATA Peruvian Harley.

Not only am I excited to say I completed my goal of spinning up 4 skeins of yarn during the month of February, but I'm proud of myself for spinning up this skein in particular. The other skeins were fun - Tehya, Rose and Tucker are some of my favorite to spin. Typically white fiber is NOT my favorite. Not only does it seem boring to me, but white fiber is typically more crimpy with tiny bundles. That kind of fiber tends to do well in the show ring, but is not fun to me to prepare and spin. I vastly prefer the rolling crimp and bigger bundles. But I needed some white yarn to complete a project I have in mind, so I told myself it was time to buck up and spin some white.

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