Saturday, March 3, 2012

February Goals ~ Results

1 ~ halter train our alpaca juvis: Thunder, Shamballa, Lady Bing and Dutch: result 3.5/4

Zack and I have deemed Shamballa, Lady Bing and Thunder completely trained. We are still working on Dutch. What a pistol she is! I have pictures of all these cuties ready but they will take a post in themselves. So I will save those pictures for tomorrow's blog entry.

2 ~ spin a skein of yarn a week: result 4/4

#1 ~ a huge skein of yarn made from fiber off of Kateri's Tehya

#2 ~ from fiber off of Enlightenment's Rocky Rose

#3 ~ Blue N Tucker 3 in 1: from fiber off of ARF Our Peruvian Tucker and some purchased wool (the blue dyed fiber)

#4 ~ Yarn made from fiber off of ATA Peruvian Harley:

3 ~ run 60 miles this month: result 49.75/60 miles

I'm actually shocked I didn't meet this goal. When I set these goals I thought this one was a shoe in. I actually thought goal #1 and #2 were the ones that would be the challenge. What I hadn't expected was being out sick for 6 days where I didn't run at all.

At the same time, I'm not worried about not meeting this goal. I know I will keep running and no harm will be done. Come May I will be plenty prepared to run the 10K. After being sick for 6 days I ran a short 3 miles one my first day back, the next day I ran 6 miles (a 10K is just over 6 miles). It will happen, no worries.

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