Thursday, March 29, 2012


It is true, white alpacas are my least favorite. In fact, when we started in this business my goal was to produce color, any color other than white. I love all the colors!

But a few things have happened. For one, I have enough beautiful color alpaca fiber blankets to spin into yarn. We are at the point where some will be sent to the mill anyway. So I can send those white ones out. The other thing is that there is a benefit to whites. Often white alpacas have incredible fiber traits. Back in South America the white alpacas were the most sough after and their fiber improved upon the most to meet the needs of the European textiles. So, if we need and want a fiber boost, a good way to do that is to turn to white alpacas.

So this past weekend we welcomed a yearling white male, WP Verticase's Vamil (pronouced va-mil) and a 2 year old white female, Mysteria (WP Mysteria Lane). Both came to us from PA.

Since they are both new to our farm, they aren't too sure of me. Neither wanted to cooperate much with pictures. This was the best I could do:



I wasn't about to catch them to get fiber pictures just yet, though J and I have taken a good look at thier fiber. We are quite excited to have them as part of our farm!

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