Thursday, March 8, 2012

Portable Hall of Fame

I put this together for us to take to alpaca shows with us. It shows off our first place ribbons, and the Color Champion or Reserve Color Champion (which means the top of the first place in that color class). The blue are first place ribbons and purple are the color champion awards (sometimes for color champion the show gives banners, sometimes ribbons, I've even seen sashes).

I arranged it in a purposeful way. The bottom row is our first Color Banner, for OHVNA Pocahontas. Right with her banner I put her two 1st place ribbons, and her mom's 1st place ribbon (her mom is Kateri).

The next row up includes many fiber awards. Several of our males earned 1st place fiber, including ARF Our Peruvian Tucker and SA Peruvian Greyt Exxpectations. The purple in there is Greyt's reserve color for walking fleece. In addition, one of the fiber ribbons is for our own Tehya. Kateri's Tehya also earned a 1st place ribbon in halter, which is on that row too (the bigger ribbon).

The next row up is our current show string ribbons. Enlightenment's Rocky Rose has three 1st place ribbons. Smokey's Twilight has three 1st place ribbons. OHVNA The Challenger has one 1st place ribbon. Then at the top is Gabriel Star of RobAsia's 1st place ribbon and Color Championship.

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