Thursday, July 10, 2008


J started the new barn (shelter) back by our house. Unfortunately he threw out his back and is out of commission for a bit now. It's ok, they have plenty of room up where they are, for now anyway.

We disagreed on whether to separate them up front. I felt that Kateri was holding back on delivering because there are so many of them all around. Though they had access to 2 barns, they all (8 of them) stayed in the one barn. Kateri isn't that friendly, and likes her space. I think having them all around like that was uncomfortable to her.

Plus, I have heard of yearlings hurting cria. With all 8 of them around it would be possible for one of the other ones to be mean or accidently do something. We have pretty low key alpacas (none of them are agressive or rambunctious). But you never know.

So, last night I separated them (nothing like taking advantage of a man with a bad back who isn't there to put in his opinion). Emma and I separated them at grain time. I think the younger ones, Maxito and Sommerfield and Mattie were the only ones upset. Lightning possibly too as he's use to being able to bug the young maidens. But the older ladies, Sancha, Victoria and Kateri didn't seem at all upset.

We'll see if this helps Kateri deliver or hinders it. J thinks it will hinder it because any change makes the alpacas uncomfortable. It's been said that the female will hold off on delivering if they are moved to a new area. But then, this isn't a new area that she's in. It's the same area for her, just the other 4 can't get by her to bug her (yet she can still see them, so no wondering where they went).

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