Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vet Visit

On Wednesday we loaded the moms and babies in the trailer to go visit the vet. The Vet took the cria IgG's, inserted their micro-chip and made sure all shots were up to date. All looked good.

We had an ultra sound done on Sancha that confirmed her pregnant. Her due date is May 16th. Does that seem like a long ways away!

Here is the gate on the trailer that we got to try out for the first time on this trip:

In this picture you can see J starting to open the side door, letting in some light. It's hard to see the alpacas in there, but there are 3 moms and 3 cria in there, plenty of room for all of them.

The gate worked great. We could open the back door when we stopped and let air in, but keep the alpacas safe inside. The only trouble we had was when I lead Kateri in the trailer but didn't have her cria right there and Kateri freaked out to get out of the trailer to find her baby. We made note to always put cria in first, then mom.
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