Saturday, July 12, 2008

The rest of the herd

Nothing happens at the barn without the entire herd being aware of what it is. Some of them are more nosey then others (Victoria is known for being the first to investigate what is going on - but in this case, it was her having birth).

All the moms did smell Shelby upon her arrival. I didn't catch any pictures of that. I was able to catch some of the animals greeting Tehya. After mom had a good look and smell of her, Lightning came over to see his new playmate:

And even the kitten, Nala, had to check out the new baby:

Then there is the rest of the herd in the other pen doing their best to check out what is going on, the "audience":

We did end up moving Lightning and Sancha into the other pen. Lightning was just trying to play with the cria, but he's so much bigger (at almost 50 pounds) and with the cria still just learning to walk we wanted to give them space. So for the day we put Sancha and Lightning in with the others. At night we let them back into the pen with the moms and cria.

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