Sunday, July 20, 2008


nah, but the alpacas seem to think so. What are they are looking at?

Just Quinn:

But actually a dog can be a big deal, most injuries to alpacas are caused by neighborhood dogs that get loose. So it's good that a dog puts the alpacas on edge. Quinn is pretty harmless, given his personality and the fact he's so much smaller than the alpacas (see Snowstorm looking down at Quinn):

But not all dogs are harmless. Alpacas have been known to stomp dogs, though there are other cases where the dogs attack and injure (even kill) alpacas.


the spool artist said...

Wow they seem like very interesting creatures... wish i could see one up close!

cara said...

spool artist - just look up a farm on alpaca nation that is nearby you. Most welcome visitors. (alpaca nation link on the left edge of my blog)

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