Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Pasture

We decided to start working on a pasture and shelter back by our house (the current set up is near the main road, up by my in-laws house). We like the set up we have but there is not enough pasture land for them all to feed on, and we will be adding two babies to our herd this month. We figure it makes sense to move them soon rather than waiting until next spring. But we wouldn't move the mom's before the babies are born, it's too close to their due dates to cause them that kind of upheaval. Though realistically we won't have it done before the next two cria are born anyway. Hopefully it will be ready to move them shortly after the 2 cria are born. Then we will move the 3 moms and 3 cria back by our house. It will be fun to watch the cria :)

We picked a spot behind our house that is already somewhat grassy. J had started cutting down trees a few months ago to help clear the area. Over vacation week he started on moving the fence. We had our back yard fenced in with wood fencing but decided that we want a smaller area for our backyard and a bigger area for the alpacas. As it turns out, the kids' swingset/play structure will end up in the alpaca pasture. That's ok, the kids won't have any problem going in there to play.

This is the spot we picked to start fencing in:

This is where J removed the wooden fence (it use to extend through that area, enclosing the swingset):

This is where the wooden fence got moved to:

This is the new home for the fence and shows where we will have our opening to get our truck/trailer back there (we will put in a 10 foot gate):

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