Saturday, July 12, 2008

Birthing Pictures

I missed Victoria birthing Shelby, but was just in time to catch Kateri give birth. Some of the pictures are hard to see because the lighting is not the best (I had to adjust the brightness of them). But I think you can see the main idea. I was taking these pictures from behind the fence to give the mom plenty of space so they are cropped too.

We noticed she seemed about to poop but then we could see her birth canal bulging. She laid down in the barn (note the pink under her tail, the lower one is her birth canal):

Out came a nose, then face, then we could see 2 feet. Cria was in the right position, with the feet over the head. Then it seemed to stall, as she was standing with the cria part way out (Kateri's tail is wrapped, the cria is part way out, you can see the outline of the cria's head and at least one of the legs, the other leg blends in with Kateri's outline):

Kateri struggled a bit, getting up and down and rolling some (normal birth stuff):

Then she laid down and the cria progressed out further:

Once the cria was on the ground Kateri turned around to see and smell her baby:

All in all a textbook birth. It was fast compared to what they say is within normal range. I'm sure Kateri had an intense workout but she seemed to take it in stride. The cria was up in record time, sitting sternal and even standing within a very short time.

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