Thursday, July 10, 2008

moving dolomite

Sounds like fun, huh. Well, I'm pretty frugal and the thought of renting something to move the dolomite wasn't appealing to me. J just said that hauling it wasn't going to work with his back so he was pushing to rent a front loader. Well, one evening I asked Emma if she wanted to help, and we dug in.

This is the pile that was at the barn up front:

The first trip is always a learning experience. What we found worked best was to use a shovel to dig up the dirt/sand or dolomite, put it into a pail. Then use the truck to get the pails back to the new shelter (appoximately .17 of a mile away). From there we could dump the pails wherever we wanted it. These are the pails we used to put the dolomite in:

Emma helped me that evening. We felt like the dolomite wasn't going very far in the new barn so started hauling dirt to fill in first, then topped it off with dolomite. The dirt/sand was acutally easier to haul because it was a bit lighter, and much easier to dig up. Emma was a great help and by the time we were finished my 2 neices were helping too. The next day all 3 girls helped me move the dolomite.

This is what it looks like in the new shelter:

The girls were a great help to me. I say "girl power" :)

J started putting up the shelter, note the sides are in place by the time I took the picture of the dolomite.

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