Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bobble Head?

Poor Lightning

This is him before:

This is him after being shorn:

I know, he looks bad :( but we felt shearing him was the best option. For one, he had so much fleece I worried how hot he was getting. We still have a lot more summer left and it's only going to grow more. This is the main reason (we don't want heat stroke). Also, this way the spot that he had shaved for the transfusion won't be noticeable. It's not a big deal and is not supose to be an issue when showing him, but will look better when it grows in now that it's evened out. We did not have the tail or head sheared as that is how the mom recognizes their child (scent). Also, the face wool never grows back quite as nice so we wanted to leave that intact. While he looks like a bobble head now, it will even out as it grows back in. He'll be cute again ;)

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