Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Nala - a baby in the barn

no, not an alpaca baby (though we do have 2 due this month). This is a baby kitten that we picked up this past weekend. Zack had been wanting another cat and we happened to see a sign for free kittens. Zack picked the name Nala, she is about five weeks old (my neice is holding Nala in this picture):

She is a sort of calico color, a mix of black, grey, peach and redish/brown. I love the pattern that is created by the colors on her face.

So far she and Fluffy are getting along great. I knew it would work out when we put Nala in the barn and Fluffy ran over and started licking her. Zack yelled "Fluffy is giving her a bath!" The biggest issue we have had is Dottie trying to get to the barn. She loves going there and loves Nala. She seems to think Nala is her baby as she will carry her in her mouth! Crazy dog!


Jeremy D. Frens said...

So how much does Zack know about the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA)? It's an awfully strange name for him to pick for a cat.

Or (according to the Google search I just did), I should probably just watch The Lion King, right?

cara said...

yeah, the Lion King ;)

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