Thursday, July 10, 2008


I haven't mentioned much about the labor signs we've seen. I was hoping not to watch them like a hawk like we did with Sancha, only to wait for what felt like forever. But, seems that the idea of seeing these little ones made me crazy whether I admit it or not.

Victoria is due (day 350) in mid-July (I think the 15th). Then Kateri is on day 350 about 5 days later. But they can deliver any time after day 335. We are past day 335. Though there have been cases where they went to day 380? (not sure on the exact number of days but they can go over a year).

Victoia barely even looks pregnant. She's a bit overweight and the way she is carrying the cria, it's not that notieable. She doesn't act pregnant at all. She's the same as she's ever been: curious, friendly, and stealing anyone's food. Her birth canal is long, but nothing else noted.

Kateri on the other hand seems to be getting more ornery every day. She won't take treats from us anymore (though Emma did get her to take a carrot yesterday). Kateri looks huge! She is hanging and sagging and looks plain old miserable. We've also noticed Kateri straining over the poop pile. And I swear last weekend I saw some contractions. We've seen discharge from her birth canal. Her birth canal is long and elongated, and her tail is up almost all the time. We thought for sure she'd deliver on Sunday. All the signs seemed to be there, except for a cria emerging. I didn't think she could make it through the week. But here it is Thursday and she's about the same: straining on the poop pile, uncomfortable, and her birth canal looks ready.

So, we are watching and waiting.

I still hold onto my theory that Kateri will deliver first and will have the bigger cria. I know I'm setting myself up because she is due later, if she does go first the cria should be smaller, but just the way she's carrying, I think it's a big one in there. I picture a fawn girl for her. Victoria will deliver after Kateri and will have a black boy. Ok, just my fun guesses.

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