Wednesday, December 8, 2010

First Haltering

This weekend, during our herd health assessment, we haltered Ginger for the first time. She did great, for a first time anyway. She didn't so much walk, but also didn't lay down or pull back like many of them do. We were able to get her to walk from the pen to the "vet room" on our patio.

We haltered all the 2010 cria in order to walk them over to the scale on herd health day. This reminded me that they are not yet halter trained. I am going to make a point to spend time with them in halter training. Zack told me he would help. Most years I end up waiting until Spring Show season before I get them trained. But, it would be so nice to have that done and out of the way now. It would make herd health days easier, if they wall would walk on lead to the scale. This is my goal, to work on haltering this month. I know I said this a few months ago, but this time, I really am going to work on it. Stay tuned for further halter training updates.

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